anxiety and depression CBD

CBD Oil Compared To Anti-Anxiety And Antidepressant Medications

anxiety and depression CBDAnxiety and depression are closely related. Most people who suffer from one issue, suffer from other as well. As such, treatment is almost identical. There is a psychotherapy, which is desirable and medications which are not so great. Although all medications of this kind should solve the main cause of the issue, they don’t. They simply mask it. Basically, people feel better as long as they take medications, but once they stop, all the symptoms will appear again.

Anxiety and depression CBD oil is different. First of all, it doesn’t mask the symptoms, it solves the main cause of anxiety or depression. In most cases, the causes are linked to poor blood flow in the brain, more precisely in the part of a brain which is responsible for mood. Then we have the fact anxiety and depression CBD oil is safe to use, which has been confirmed in several studies.

Who should use CBD oil?

As soon as you visit a therapist, and he diagnoses the anxiety or depression, you will be given a medication. A common one is Zoloft. But, all of them, including the one we have just mentioned have side effects. Some include sweating, shaking hands, blurry vision, vomiting and etc. All of them cause lack of sexual desire. There are countless side effects which depend on an individual matter. All of this should prove to you that antidepressants and medications for anxiety are far from ideal.

Taking these medications will obviously provide benefits, but only as long as you take them. That’s why so many people take them more than a few years, which also means that addiction is possible.

Anxiety and depression CBD oil don’t cause addiction. First and foremost, you won’t have to use it as long as medications, which means that you don’t have time to get addicted to the oil. Then, you will notice improvements much sooner than ever before. Some users have reported first, benefits with a matter of days. If we add the fact there are no other issues related whatsoever, we can deduce that CBD oil is much better than any medication used today. And yes, there is no loss of sexual desire either.

Cannabis and cannabidiol are not the same

Some of you believe that cannabis and cannabidiol are the same things. Cannabis is a plant and CBD oil is ingredient from it. One of many actually. What this means is that while cannabis may have side effects, especially when smoked, CBD oil doesn’t. It won’t make you high, cause addiction or anything else. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most appreciated and beneficial ingredients of cannabis.

There are so many different ways you can use CBD oil, which also makes usage simpler and easier for all of us.


Treating anxiety and depression CBD oil is more than just beneficial to all people, especially for those who finally want to eliminate medications from their life. It is safer, more effective and even cheaper way to deal with anxiety and depression.